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Submitted On 2009-02-27

Health Content Alert is a free membership newsletter for internet marketing entrepreneurs in the health and wellness sector, offering them a fresh, unique approach to article writing, rewriting and web content creation.

When you join you get free sample articles of health content we provide in our unique article writing service. Health Content Helper fresh approach uses a special "magnetic" technique when creating your articles so that you will stand above the crowd, get indexed faster and boost your traffic.

We send out a content alert for your instructions and the wndow can be very short before we close the door. We turn around your articles within 96 hours so that you can benefit from the freshness that breaking news can bring to your article. Article orders will be limited, so get on board, get your free samples and watch the alerts.

Target Audience: health and wellness content webmasters, health internet marketing entrepreneurs,

Tags: article writing, health articles, article rewriting, article writing services, writing service

Ezine Subscription Info: Free Membership subscription, free article samples, alerts for orders twice weekly

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Ezine Owner: Mervyn Phillips

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Circulation: Subscribers Limited For Quality+

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