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We are a Daily Health News Service! News is updated on a daily basis, with Exclusive and Breaking News reported as it happens. is a 9 year old Online Magazine that publishes news stories on the Health Industry on a daily basis. We are also the Health News channel on AvantGo, the handheld palm device service, with more than 7 million registered users worldwide.

In addition, we are syndicated to thousands of major health industry web sites, content and applications to PDA, wireless PDA, and smartphone users, with hourly worldwide news feeds. Also, over 2,000 news editors, directors, and health columnists subscribe and have free access to use any and all content. We are members of the New York Press Club, The Association of Health Care Journalists, and The Online News Association.

Target Audience: Consumers, professionals in health industry

Tags: health, healthcare, womens health, mens health, health industry

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