Healthy Happy Dogs
Submitted On 2010-06-19

FREE Special Report on How to Improve Your Dog's Health Within 30 Days and Even Lengthen Your Dog's Life!

Together with ongoing tips and strategies for a healthier happier dog, including dog food and diet, a holistic approach to keeping your dog healthy, and options for assisting healing of various common conditions with natural alternatives.

Target Audience: Dog owners interested in improving and maintaining their dogs' health

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Testimonial for Healthy Happy Dogs

Hi Brigitte, Just wanted to let you know that your news letters offer loads of really good advice for which I am very grateful for. Karen

Dear Ms. B. Smith,

Thank you for sharing your information via email articles. It's refreshing to know I'm not the only crazy dog owner that takes a more natural approach to dog care. I am appalled at what is marked for pet care from food through shots. People tend to look at me like I have two heads when I tell them I limit shots and treat homeopathically. My doggie (3 yrs) has enough medical issues with out compromising her further with harmful products. Please don't stop caring and keep up the good fight with quality products and information that can be shared to truly benefit our fuzzy family members! Thank you again, G. McKinley

Hi Brigitte I love getting the newsletters. It is very interesting all right. You do an amazing amount of good, thank you for your wise comments. Kind regards Anne

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