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"Hearts and Humor" is an Ezine for those of you who enjoy inspiration and humor. All my stories have a message or touch your heart. They come from my heart and reach out to yours. I post once or twice a week. Visit [] to read more stories.

Target Audience: People who enjoy a good message and a tear.

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Testimonial for Heartsandhumor

Michael, your stories do nothing less then inspire me. I feel that you as well as your writtings are truely a gift from God himself. I look foward each and every day to opening up a peice of your soul that you so generiously share with the world.I am so happy that we keep in touch, I look foward to that as well! Have a wonderful night Michael and thank you for sharing yourself.... Michelle

Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed your story.. This is the first one I have read and let me tell you, I will make sure I read more. I was wondering if you mind me sharing them with a yahoo group I belong to? Its only a small group right now, and I think they will be interested..

Thank You so much again..

Warm Hugs

Sandi Hi, Michael! I have read several of your stories, and am impressed by your uncanny ability to see the miracles in the everyday events of life. Some people have also said certain things to me that remind me I am also similarly blessed. The miracles are there! The mysteries of God's love and life are all around us daily! We have been given the eyes to see, and the ears to hear it. What a great blessing this is, don't you agree?

Love is all around us.



Dear Michael;

I would just like to thank you for your stories. I find them so uplifting and I think it is about time people had something heart warming to read about.

I just finished reading your story on the Birthday Train Ride for Josh. I am a lover of trains and it was my grandfather who took me on my first train engine ride and I must say I was just as thrilled as your grandson. I am sure the grin could not be wiped off my face either. To this day the sound of a train whistle (horn) gives me the same thrill I had as a child. If I am driving down the highway and a train is coming to a crossing I slow down and open my window so I can hear it. I live in a small town and am about 2 blocks from the tracks and believe me I can hear the train clear as a bell. It reminds me of the times I rode on the train and spent time with grandpa riding on the trains. Thank you for rejuvination of these memories and happy times with my grandfather.

I also agree if we looked at things through the eyes of a child things would not seem so overwhelming. I hope you don't mind but if you are spiritual remember we really are children. We are all children of God and he loves us unconditionally. May he bless you and your family.

Please keep up the good loving from the heart stories, I really love them.

Yours sincerely; Patricia

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