High Definition (HD) Flash Video (FLV) Player from Agriya
Submitted On 2009-02-03

We know that visitors will be interested to come back to the site only when they get interesting videos with high clarity and without any buffer delay. Keeping this in mind we are offering HD FLV Player that delivers fantastic picture and sound. We are a software development company, Agriya Infoway Pvt Ltd, and are headquartered in Chennai, South India. We’re eight years old, with over 150 professional staff members in all, and have a branch in Bangalore as well.

HD FLV Player comes with interactive features. The controls are easy to work with, and you can change its skin and customize its look to suit your site. You can get this player for just $97. Paying the money in installments is another attractive factor.

Additionally you can also allow visitors to record and attach videos to your site using Quickcam, a webcam recorder. It will be a great experience for users to record whatever they need like birthday party, comment for any video, and attach them to site. By offering this excellent recording experience, you can stand out of the crowd.

If you are interested to know more about this, please visit our site or send us an email or contact us through Live Chat.

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Target Audience: Video Sharing Site owner, webmasters, Business people, Entreprenuer

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