Home Party Plan Lemon Aid Stand
Submitted On 2009-02-02

Creative tips and ideas to teach direct sales and home party plan professionals how to quench their thirst for more bookings, sales, recruits, and leaders and to QUIT begging for business and bribing for bookings which is traditionally taught by direct sales leaders!

The author, Christie Northrup, known as The Lemon Aid Lady has nearly 30 year's experience as a leader in the direct sales industry as well as a business consultant to home party plan corporations. The newsletter is based on her experiences and innovative TWISTS on traditional party plan and adds current technology and techniques.

The newsletter is NOT a book review of other's materials and quotations. You'll get fresh ideas to add more Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits to your life and business.

E-mailed every Tuesday.

Target Audience: WAHM, home-based business owners, home party plan business, direct sales leaders and consultants

Tags: direct sales, party plan, network marketing, home based business, sales leaders and consultants

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