How To Find Your Perfect Job!
Submitted On 2007-03-07

A great many people out there are unhappy with their jobs, looking to make a change, and are wondering why nothing is happening. As a recruiter with experience in all markets and salary ranges, the ability to help seekers turn their search from "nothing's happening" into activity comes from 20 years in the trenches.

The newsletters feature articles on interviewing techniques, questions to be ready for, resume mistakes, telling a good recruiter from a bad one, and myriads of other topics. They dissect the process, go into the psychology of what's taking place, provide examples and solutions so you understand why what you're doing doesn't work and learn what to do instead and why.

Target Audience: mid and upper-level management and anyone unhappily employed or unemployed

Tags: interview questions, job search, interview tips, career search, executive recruiter, headhunter, fin

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