How to Start a Credit Repair Business
Submitted On 2009-02-27

Sterling Credit Restoration offers you not just software, but a complete business opportunity!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides numerous steps a consumer can take to challenge negative items on their credit report. While consumers have the ability to make these disputes on their own, the process is much too complicated and cumbersome to attempt on their own. As in most complicated issues, it is always best to have the advice and assistance of an expert. Consumers need your help and this is why becoming a credit restoration specialist is such a lucrative and rewarding endeavor.

What you’ll learn Our training and support is simply un-beatable. You'll receive an hour of preliminary training to get you started the first day. Then you can enjoy daily action steps to guide you through the process of running a successful and profitable business. However, you’re never on your own…Sterling Credit Restoration support is only a click away! You’ll get continuous support and can communicate directly with other members and the corporate staff as often as you need it.

Day 1: How to make over $475 per hour How to read a credit report How to correct every type of account How to build a clients case in seconds How to become successful How it works First, we pull your clients credit reports for you. Second, you enter your clients disputes into the Dispute Center. Third, you print the dispute letters and send them off…That’s it!

Everything else happens automatically!

What you can fix with your new business

Low FICO scores Identity theft Tax Liens Late payments Charge offs Collections Bankruptcies Foreclosures Inquiries

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Target Audience: Those looking to start and operatetheir own credit repair business

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