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Submitted On 2007-04-13

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You need to learn Linux the easy way, whether you’re hoping to qualify for a promotion, earn a hefty raise, snag a new job or keep your current job because your company is trying to save on software licensing fees.

Clyde Boom, Author and Expert Trainer with 20+ Years of Training Successes. Explains intricate technical matters in an easy-to-understand, non-technical manner, with tens of thousands of software and hardware learners into masters.

Watch Free Sample I Learn Linux Video Tutorials now at and get over the steep Linux learning curve.

Watch, do, and learn Linux now!

Target Audience: People who need to learn how to use Linux, get Linux, run Linux and work with Linux.

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Testimonial for I Learn Linux News

"Here's why I bought your videos:

1. It was easy to follow the steps in the free sample videos. 2. I was able to do the steps and it makes sense the way its presented. 3. Your voice affirms that you’ve been teaching for quite a while."

- O. Walter Oluwole, Natick, Massachusetts, US

"Now I have used your I Learn Linux Video Tutorials and I must say that it is a very good program.

Now beginner like me can easily learn how to use the Linux. I hope you understand my writings, because I dont speak or write English very well."

- Voitto Helenius, Jarvenpaa, Finland

"With the help of Clyde Boom’s excellent I Learn Linux Video tutorials, our students are able to successfully complete the course and obtain employment in their field of study."

- James Stewart, MCSE, CCNA, MCP+I, CNA, A+, Network+,

Program Chair, Trillium College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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