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The daily influx of people crossing the U.S Mexican border has raised the red flag for working people in this country,due to the fact that it affects the daily lives of most working people in this country.It is reported that as many as twelve million people live illegally in the United States,many of whom crossed the U.S Mexican border.If this is not considered an intelligence failure then i would like to know what is.It should be noted that not everyone who crosses the border is of hispanic origin,considering the events of 911 how on earth this did not become one of the main concerns of the intelligence community.They talk about protecting Americans,yet it's border security is porrous to say the least.What happens when mohammed crosses the border looking like mendez and filters into the regular population that could be potentially the terrorist who creates the next disaster on American soil.So not only does this affect the American worker it affects the American population as awhole.The failure of many Latin American Governments and the exploitation of many Latin American workers by foreign multinational corporations has combined to create this impeding disaster.

America must be held accountable for it's errors in the intelligence community and it's inability or unwillingness to protect the American people from these avoidable disasters.The America we live in today is an America thats headed back to plantocracy instead of promoting democracy,and this is creating instability not only in America but around the world.The outsourcing of jobs to cheap labor sweat shops and the promoting of a plantocracy thats designed to resmble democracy is creating econommic instability around the world.

These institutations of greed and human exploitation have created a safe haven for those who want to see the reimplementation of slavery.At the same time many people from these countries see immigration as their way out of poverty and human degradation.In order to track the origins of these problems one has to revisit the events that led to the creation of the United States,speaking of the extermination of the Native American and the enslaving of the Africans,believe it or not these are the events that have impacted the America we live in today.It has become a crime for the descendants of these two peoples to teach the true history to their offsprings if you do they call it teaching hate,but at the same time there is a group of people who are allowed to build museums to commemorate their plight with their agressors and we wonder how they prosper and African and Native Americans alike don't.African Americans are supposed to do these menial jobs and if they don't they will be replaced by immigrants both legal and illegal.

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