"Imagine a Fit & Healthy You" from Tanya Stroh Training Solutions
Submitted On 2010-05-03

"EXERCISE . . . How Much do I Really Need?" When it comes to fitness and exercise, knowing how much to do, what to do and when to do it can be quite confusing. Especially if you have seen the latest studies and news reports.

Exercise of the Week: Kneeling Shoulder Press with exercise tubes or bands

Healthy Recipe: "Spring Risotto with Asparagus" The Perfect first Course or Side Dish from: Chef Megan Nikolai

Target Audience: Anyone interested in fitness, exercise, diet, healthy living

Tags: exercise, fitness and exercise, how much exercise, shoulder press, exercise bands, exercise tubes

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Testimonial for "Imagine a Fit & Healthy You" from Tanya Stroh Training Solutions

What I found through working with Tanya was that I was able to retrain myself to eat better, and get at least three days of exercise a week. Two years later, I am thrilled to report that I have maintained a forty pound weight loss. The energy and self confidence I have gained with Tanya is priceless to me. I cannot stress to all the impact her teachings have made in my life. Imelda Dittrich-Martin

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