India Phone Card - Make Long Calls to Your Partners in India While Paying Dirt Cheap Rates
Submitted On 2007-04-22

You can now make long duration calls to India while paying less per minute. Cheap prepaid international calling card (India phone card) keeps you connected with your business partners, relatives or friends who are currently on the other side of the globe, in India.

Anyone who looks to purchase India phone card today have a wide selection of operators and calling cards. These cheap international calling cards that come with zero connection fees can be purchased for as low as $2; 3.3 a minute or up to 151 minutes talk time for a $ 5 value international calling card.

When looking for international phone card, you can go for online phone card. A professional website that sells long distance calling card sells almost 900 cheap international calling cards. It is just a matter of prudent search to find the professional website that sells online phone card or prepaid international calling card.

Prepaid phone cards are the best choice when it comes to international phone cards. This gives more control over your budget and most importantly prepaid phone cards are easier to procure. You get cheap India phone card rates while some India phone card companies charge you up to 80 a minute. Get India phone card that comes with no connection fees or hidden charges. Make sure you get what you pay for and make sure you are getting full value of your money.

Prepaid international phone card or online phone card must also be supported by a service that ensures voice clarity.

While purchasing prepaid international calling card, there can be a period of validity. Usually the validity period is up to 90 days of purchase. Before you put an order for an India calling card, make sure to check if there are any service charges by the website that sells phone cards. There can be up to $1 service charge for prepaid international phone card of very low denomination. There will not be a service charge if you make a purchase of higher denomination ($20) international phone card. However, have an idea about this service charge before you put an order.

To use your India telephone card, you must first dial the pin number and listen to the message that tells the remaining calling minutes on your India phone card. Then you can dial the destination number. Once you dial the destination number in India, you will get another message stating the number of minutes left for you to call to that specific number.

The connection time is calculated 30-45 minutes of connection ring and not from the time of answer. The seconds will not start counting until that much time into starting the ringing. Find the fact about your prepaid international phone card rate calculation. Hang up if there is no answer within the stipulated time to try again.

There is also difference in rates of making calls from or to cell phones. This is because of the extra technology involved in completing the call.

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