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Submitted On 2008-02-20

Antiques are those items, which show some degree of craftsmanship, or a certain attention to design. They can be bought from antique shops, or passed down as an estate. Some valuable antiques can be bought from antique dealers and auction services or purchased online through websites and online auctions. There are a number of different styles of antique furniture depending on when and where it was made. There are three areas to consider when caring for antiques: proper cleaning, proper protection and maintaining a proper environment

The collecting of antique furniture is a particularly popular area of antiques due to the practical characteristics of these antiques. One of the great advantages of collecting antique furniture are that it is not only a good investment, but it is something that can be used and enjoyed every day. Antique furniture includes dining tables, chairs, bureaus, chests etc.

Regarding dust, if it is allowed to remain on the surface of your antiques, it can actually damage the finish of wood, brass and other surfaces. Therefore, it is critical to make dusting a part of your weekly routine. You should dust every few days, and at the very least, once a week. How often you dust may also depend on your environment and location.

When dusting, it is important to “do no harm”. Use only a soft cloth, and avoid sprays of any type, including furniture polish. Never dust with anything that may scratch the finish of your furniture, whether a dusting or cleaning compound or cloth that may have abrasive properties. The chemicals used in many of these products that are designed to repel dust and dirt may cause a weakening of the antique’s finish or even stain the wood. Remember, cleaning should protect and preserve your pieces, not cause damage. When it comes to caring for antique furniture, dust, direct sunlight and improper environment are furniture’s worst enemies.

No matter how good one’s intentions may be, efforts to clean antique furniture, if done improperly, may actually do damage.

Today people like to visit forums to getting a general idea of the item’s worth. It is common to find a lot of conflicting information using this approach. Forums may be great for building a sense of community and for getting some strong ideas.

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