Inside Out- Business Edition
Submitted On 2005-11-07

“Inside Out”---Business Edition is a free monthly eZine is overflowing with practical, useful, easily applied information for managers, supervisor, and upper management. Its vision is to facilitate people’s fulfillment at work by teaching managers the skills necessary to create a need satisfying environment at work or school, as well as, a strong focus on continuous quality improvement of one’s products and/or services. These ideas equally apply to the business and education sectors so teachers, professors and administrators can greatly benefit from the information presented. When workers and students are empowered to get their needs met at work and school, then they are motivated to produce high quality work and develop a loyalty to their company and a desire to stay in school. Each edition showcases a feature article, a book review, a quote of the month, a relationship tip, a question and answer section and upcoming events and product offerings.

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