Inspiration For Daily Lives
Submitted On 2008-10-19

This is a monthly newsletter that I am going to share with you all the multi levels of my life, my spirit, my health and all things I have learned already and the things we will be learning together as we trudge this road to a happy destiny.

The theme of Inspirations for Daily Lives is total personal growth - personal balance in all areas of our lives - when we hit a "bottom" in one area of our lives, we sometimes think that is the only area we need to work on - then we find out that when we look deeper it was only the tip of the iceberg - so one layer reveals another layer - just like an onion and/or rose.

You will find information about lots of subjects here, as we will be growing in all areas of our lives - consider me your daily life coach. My Mission is that we become daily web/ friends and share what we have; share what we want/need; share our intentions; share our laughter and our tears.

Target Audience: Self Help

Tags: effortless lifestyle balancing, spirited boutique. vision map videos, law of attraction, crystal rea

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