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Submitted On 2009-03-11

The Inspirational Living Newsletter is designed to reach the heart of each reader. As a subscriber to the newsletter, you will find resources, links, articles, prayers and more that will serve as a support and guide to your own growth. You will also receive special deals to seminars, workshops, events and products.

It is our philosophy that as you evolve and let go of pain, hurts, confusion and conflict, you begin to see your life in a different way. As you do so, you are able to learn new relational and spiritual skills that help in all areas of your life such as career, financial, relationships, health and more.

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Target Audience: people interested in personal growth, spirituality, relationships and self-help

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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write this newsletter. Your passion to help others is truly a blessing for all. Today your words have helped me tremendously and I am putting into practice, every day, my understanding of the 7 Skills for Life and I am Taking Inventory as often as I can.

Thank You!

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