Inspired Almost-Daily
Submitted On 2009-02-05

Tired of all the emails? How about an "Almost-Daily" inspiration that is less than a minute to read, but will have you thinking and exploring your world in a whole new way?

Great reminders for practicing Authentic Living!

A bit of inspiration 3-5 times a week from Rain Fordyce, creator of the peace treaty, editor of and inspirational coach.

Target Audience: For those who are practicing to live authentic lives.

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Testimonial for Inspired Almost-Daily

"Dearest Rain, Very beautiful and to the precious point. Thanks so much for one more important message you have sent out to so many in need. Gratefully" --Katherine

"Rain, I love your thought for today. Have a wonderful morning." -- Lee

"Perfect! Thanks!" --Shannon

"What a lovely idea, Rain. I've not heard of this before and look forward to trying it!" --Vicki

"Good morning Rain! Just wanted to let you know that I really liked this one and appreciate the time and energy involved in creating this. You are an amazing person and make this world a much better place! Take care" --Alison

"Rain, Sometimes I read your inspirations and sometimes I don't. I did today, and wow how timely! It's exactly like that right now! And I do feel empowered, it was nice to be affirmed in just the way I needed today!" --Jenny

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