Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul
Submitted On 2006-11-06

Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul is a Bi-monthly eZine written & published by Hueina Su, MS, CEC, a Professional Life Coach, writer, speaker and founder of Beyond Horizon Coaching, a nationwide coaching & training company, specializing in coaching "women who nurture everyone but themselves" and providing solutions for Intensive Self-Care, Work-Life Balance, Nurturing Burnout and Stress Management.

Every issue is filled with tips, insights and resources for women nurturers to nurture themselves while taking care of others, achieve work-life balance, reduce stress, prevent & overcome Nurturing Burnout (caregiver stress), restore inner peace despite chaos, reconnect with their authentic self, set their priorities according to their own core values, find more purpose & meaning, make the conscious choice to live in the present moment, pursue their passions & dreams, and create a life they truly desire. Download your FREE Intensive Self-Care Kit at or

Target Audience: women in nurturing roles and/or professions, moms, grandmas, nurses, doctors, caregivers, therapists

Tags: Work-Life Balance, Intensive Self-Care, self love, stress management, stress reduction, working moms

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Ezine Owner: Hueina Su

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Testimonial for Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul

"Hueina, your articles on self care really help to keep me grounded throughout the week. They remind me to take care of myself so that I can be a better wife, worker, and volunteer. I could really give the best of me when I am healthy and happy." -- Nneka from North Carolina, Moonlighting Inspirator at

"Just writing to say I am impressed and touched by all the work you are doing. It's amazing how much effort you put into it! The writings are always interesting and extremely motivating. Thanks for sharing all this with me.

I am pregnant, about two more months to go before my second baby boy meets the world. So thanks for all the intensive care!" -- Susan from Taipei, Taiwan

"Much of what you said is where I am.... needing to slow down and deliberately live and make some choices and do those things I enjoy and not overcommiting. You will never know how much you've helped me." -- Micky from Texas

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