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Get useful interior design and decoration information about all areas of home decorating. Great if you are remodeling and need ideas, informative if you are a student and need to research, and ideal if you are an interior designer as it keeps your skills up to date. Join the team at interiordezine and enjoy learning about the world of interior design.

Target Audience: interior designers, design students, architects, home decorators, color consultants, diy enthusiasts

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You are the most generous person I have ever met, you don't just teach people; you give them a reason to live. You are great. Your ecourse is fantastic, & I have learnt a great deal.

Thank you.

Thank you madam for the lovely course on interior design.I read every article of yours with great interest, I really admire your contribution & the dedicated service you render to educate us in the field of interiors.

Me, a professional interior designer done a basic course on interiors & a certified course on autocad, having an office in Mangalore a small developing city in south India. I would like to thank you once again, for your course is of a great use to me.

Hi, thanks you for creating this site letting people to discover the world of design. It's for a long time that I'm crazy about design and art; I come to someone and I'm willing to change everything. I'm living in Paris and here the privet school are very expensive and this magic site let me to learn more and more everyday.

THANK YOU so much for this course in interior design. I am greatful for all the tips and tricks that I have learned, and I am sure that this will be a great help for me in the future. I study interior design ( this is my senior year) but there are things that I have learned here for the very first time. I have no remarks about this course, and can't reccommend you strong enough to my colleagues.

A couple of weeks ago I registered for and have been studying your free online e-course. I cannot thank you enough for offering such an abundance of knowledge into the interior designer's world. Your unintimidating style of communication has made me feel as if though I were casually conversing with a Pro and has allowed me additional confidence in selling my talents and abilities in a relaxed yet professional way as well.

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