Just Lose It with Berta
Submitted On 2010-02-19

For women who have "given up" losing weight, prominent weight loss coach Berta Prevosti is known for re-creating lives of hundreds of overweight women without gimmicks - only healthy foods and emotional explanation that amaze her clients.

Berta's expertise has grown to such a point that she can articulate points in a way that she hears at least weekly "I never had it explained to me that way - it all makes sense now". At her clients request, she is creating a powerfully supportive new web site As this site is being developed, please go to her blog at and if her words resonate with you, sign up for the FREE e-zine. It will open your eyes to why your weight loss goals did not work before, and why they can now.

Target Audience: Women who's lives are burdened by weight they can't lose

Tags: weight, weightloss, women, emotional support

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Denise I: "I had tried everything" Age 46, lost 90 lbs Ann O: "My life and health were out of control until I met Berta" Age 59, lost 74 lbs Sandy S: "I feel sooooo good, nothing hurts, I look great!" Age 65 lost 25 lbs Vickie M: "I'm a completely different eater" Age 41. lost 41 lbs Jen L: "My 30 lb loss transformed my marriage!!" Age 40, lost 30

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