Kickstart Today
Submitted On 2006-04-15

An eclectic mix of motivation, inspiration, business advice, Internet marketing and fun. All served up with the personal touch.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs a kickstart to their day.

Tags: Business, Internet marketing, quotes, motivation, inspiration

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Ezine Owner: Martin Avis

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Intelligent, witty, charming, well-read ... well, enough about me! - That all applies to Martin too, but luckily for us ...
Integrity - Kickstart is addictive, so be warned. Once you begin to ...
Always Refreshing - Kickstart is one of those ezine's which one looks forward ...
On the Money - Martin's insights, suggestions, and recommendations serve as valuable reminders, make ...
He's only human! - Martin's e-zine was what got me started me on the road ...

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