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KINGDOMEYES is a FREE Daily inspirational E-Mail that makes you Laugh, think, believe, dream, and just plain feel great about Life. KINGDOMEYES HAS BEEN AROUND FOR THREE YEARS AND HAS A STRONG PASSION FOR ENCOURAGING YOU! Make this a day you see with KINGDOMEYES

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Testimonial for Kingdomeyes

I want tell you that I enjoy reading kingdomeyes on my email. Keep Good work on the Kingdomeyes, and I am looking forward for next new subject on the Kingdomeyes.

Thank you, Jackie ___________________________________

I'm so glad you emailed me, brother! I heard about your devotions the other day and wanted to be a part. I love people with great, creative minds! I am truly bursting forth with excitement to see where God leads me in this adventure called life. He had blessed me so incredibly already. one of my greatest desires is just to have relationships with people and affect their lives like Christ has affected mine. I know God has more things planned for you and I than we could ever imagine. bless you, brother!

Dan __________________________________

Brotha, I appreciate all that you do. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I'll continue to be aware of the quiet times, because is during these times that I must obey God's whisper.


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