Kiss & Tell
Submitted On 2006-07-14

If you're suddenly single, still single, or frustrated by the singles scene, Kiss & Tell provides you with surprising insights and practical advice about dating today. Things have really changed and this ezine delivers savvy solutions to your dating woes and worries. Plus, it's jam-packed with inspiring stories and great tips and suggestions about how to get out there and find the love you want. It's never too late! Take it from New England's dating expert and top Dating Coach, Ronnie Ann Ryan - who successfully went throught this process herself, finding her first husband after turning 40!

Target Audience: Single women over 35, but lots of men read it too for insights about women and dating!

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Testimonial for Kiss & Tell

I love your ezine! Every time I readi it, I gain new insight about dating. Your straight forward articles give me hope, tell it like it is, and help me believe that finding love isn't a dream - but that I can really do it! Plus, your suggestions on where to meet people are so helpful. Keep it coming and thank you Ronnie!

Beth Ann in CT

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