La Vita Nuova: Inspiration for Personal and Professional Fulfilment
Submitted On 2009-10-18

La Vita Nuova Ezine is designed for successful professionals who want to discover the secrets of a brilliantly fulfilling personal and professional life. You will find something inspiring, thought-provoking and useful in every issue.

Target Audience: Professionals, executives, life coaching, men, women,

Tags: life coaching, professional coaching, executive coaching, relationship enhancement, happiness, self-

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Testimonial for La Vita Nuova: Inspiration for Personal and Professional Fulfilment

"I value Nicola's ability to help and see things from a fresh perspective. She have shown me how to approach my life and business in a totally different way. As a result in the year we have worked together my income has increased three fold. I am not where I want to be yet , but I am confident that I will get there with her guidance. I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone who wants more from their life and is willing make the changes needed."

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