Laughing Is Best Medicine
Submitted On 2007-08-29

Laughing is the best medicine. You must keep a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself. Have you heard the story of Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, and Robert Schuller? The story goes that they all died earlier than planned. Peter met them at the gate: "I am sorry, guys. Your's room are not ready yet. You will have to wait downstairs in hell until your room is ready.

"Before long, Satan called and said, "Peter, hurry up and get these guys out of here. Oral Roberts is healing the sick. Billy Graham's saving all the souls, and Robert Schuller's raising money to air-condition the place!"

Believe me guys, Laughing is the best medicine. So laugh at yourself and laugh at life's diffIiculties.If you keep your sense of humor and laugh, then you'll be able to love. I really don't think it is possible to love untill you laugh first. People who try to love before they laugh take themselves too seriously.

There are too many counterfeit forms of love and too many people who says, "I love you because i need you," or "I love you because i want you." Such possessive forms of love are not real. They seek to get something from the other person instead of giving. When you laugh, you can love, because then you,re loving people because they need you and the joy and happiness you can bring to their life.

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