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Submitted On 2009-02-04

Laurel Learning Tips is a free weekly e-letter that focuses on topics, techniques, and resources that will improve the curriculum design and delivery of workplace learning and performance professionals. Topics include: inexpensive participatory learning activities, lesson plan design, debunked training myths, learner motivation, accelerated learning, managing difficult participant behaviors, setting learners up for success, the mastery teaching model, a six step lesson design approach, how to facilitate different interactive learning activities, how to work with subject matter experts, and cognitive load theory.

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Testimonial for Laurel Learning Tips

This has really piqued my interest in further exploring Cognitive Load Theories. I have been researching to get more information on the points you have been exemplifying. I hate to admit it, but we have not been designing our training to minimize cognitive load and maximize retention for a long time! This series has made me very aware of the changes we need to make. Thank you for sharing your expertise, I am so appreciative.

Beth Doshan, EDSIII SOS Staff Development Coordinator 11800 State Hwy.18, Suite 12 Brainerd, MN 56425

Deb, I'm a regular subscriber to your weekly email and really appreciate your contribution to the training community.

I'm putting together a manual for our CPM instructors, and would like to include 2-3 of your columns, along with the URL to encourage them to sign up to receive the email.

I'd like your permission to do this, as I consider the columns copyrighted material. I will let you know which ones I have included in the manual. At this time I'm thinking of including "Debunking Myths about Lesson Plans" "Debunking Myths about Power Point" and "Debunking Myths about Trainer as Expert." I will, of course, give appropriate credit for anything you give me permission to copy. The instructor manual will only be given to our instructors; it will not be distributed widely, or available on the web.

Susan C Paddock Professor, Governmental Affairs Director, Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program 610 Langdon Street Room 313 Madison WI 53703

I got this latest learning tip, and I can't agree with you more!

My training class typically runs for about 12 days. Each day I have a lesson plan with the high level content summary along with the activities that I plan to do. I also have things on the plan that I have listed that can be moved to the next day if necessary. I can't imagine trying to conduct this training without the lesson plan that I have developed. It is such an invaluable tool and gives me the confidence and knowledge that I am covering all the topics that I need to cover.

Thanks for the great tips!

Ross Thomas, CRP Learning Specialist Prudential Relocation

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