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This web site has free gardening advice and tips as well as in depth gardening classes on a variety of topics. Participate in the Learn2Grow Community through Q&A in the forums, posting pictures, and providing plant information. Free registration at gets you a weekly newsletter filled with timely and seasonal gardening projects, guides and solutions.

Target Audience: Novice and expert home gardeners

Tags: garden, gardening, plants, planting, annuals, perennials, bulbs, lawns, vegetables, container garden

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"I like the newsletter that I receive via email. Especially when we had a late hard frost last month. It is encouraging to read about the tips and what I can do to help my perennials."

"I really enjoy the website: the whole concept of professional gardening support and advice is great!"

"I enjoy getting the newsletter. It's very informative and easily read."

"Great Site. Loads of information. Bright and cheery, well set-up."

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