Living Awareness
Submitted On 2006-09-08

Self-development publication emphasizing that "What you notice matters!" Interviews, top tip articles, exercises, inspirational quotes and fun links provide tools for daily living with more clarity, focus and joy. Topics include successful self-awareness, enhancing relationship connections, goal setting, and how-to boost life satisfaction.

Target Audience: women and men 25-55

Tags: awareness, living, intention, conscious, focus, inspirational, clarity, life perspective, life goals

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Ezine Owner: Melissa Wadsworth

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Testimonial for Living Awareness

The thing I love about "Living Awareness" is that it presents the topic of living aware in a very down-to-earth, practical manner. Disconnection is increasingly an issue in modern life. So many of us need to live with greater intention and to be more courteous of our impact on others. The information is fascinating and applicable to daily life. I forward it to my entire sales team.

Christine Mathews, Arbonne

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