Living It Daily
Submitted On 2009-02-11

Tapping in to Inner Guidance and Working with the Law of Attraction. "Living It Daily" is about making those moment-by-moment decisions to focus your thoughts and consciously create the life you've been dreaming about. It IS possible to turn your life around, once you understand the creative power of your thoughts and the magnetism of the Law of Attraction. This free weekly newsletter will arrive in your inbox every Wednesday to help you focus on creating a life you'll love.

Target Audience: Women and Men

Tags: Law of Attraction,Inner Guidance,conscious creating,manifestation,living a life on purpose,live abun

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Testimonial for Living It Daily

"I feel as though this was written straight to me. Thank you Suzanne for your generosity, your enthusiasm, your guidance, and just being extraordinary!" ~ H.N.

"I just read 'Stop The Spiral,' and, as always, you are speaking to me! How do you do this? Suzanne, you are always right on time with the right wisdom to give me the boost I need." ~ B.W.

"Hi Suzanne, I want you to know that I read your 'Living It Daily' articles before I read any other emails that I receive... I have learned a lot from your advice by thinking positively about both my personal life, and the problems we all are facing with the world's problems. Once again you are right on the mark. Positive thinking always triumphs over the negative with any subject." ~ P.W.

"This is the very best message from your creation that I have seen so far and I thought all the others were the very best ever in this life time... This one is beyond perfect for creating... Thank you once again." ~ L.A.

"Yesterday's 'Living It Daily' is PERFECT for "where I'm at" right now. The Law of Attraction... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" ~ E.W.

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