Living Life Consciously
Submitted On 2006-06-24

Living Life Consciously is Your Online Resource for Spiritual Wellbeing e-newsletter! My primary goal is to empower you by reminding you of your own power to shape your life the way you want it! Each issue will bring readers like you practical information you can use to improve your life by covering a variety of topics such as the importance of visualization and affirmation, how to stop sabotaging yourself, building confidence towards achieving any goal, and the importance of self-care in a hectic world.

Target Audience: Self improvement, spiritual seekers

Tags: self improvement, spirituality, empowerment

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Ezine Owner: Darnise Martin, PhD

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Testimonial for Living Life Consciously

“She has the ability to explain things in a very clear way, so that anybody can understand it.” M. Holmes, Oakland, CA

“She’s been my spiritual advisor for years.” D. Wells, Los Angeles, CA

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