Lose Bad Relationship Habits
Submitted On 2008-01-27

Your boyfriend's bad habits are taking over, Sassy Bean's help is on the way!

When people become comfortable in a relationship, “effort” is the first thing to go. And, it’s not just the boys who get the blame when it comes to those very bad habits.

For Men: Flowerless: Remember when he used to show up with roses? It’s been six months and now you are hitting the high note, “You don’t bring me flowers anymore!” Lazy Boy: This is a biggie. Instead of planning that Sunday brunch, he’s happy loafing on his couch or Lazy Boy. Dirty Laundry: How many pairs of socks can one man have? Leaving laundry around the house is another man-nerism that stinks, so we have some tips to solve his habits.

For Women: Letting your appearance go: No make-up, ripped sweats and a lil’ weight gain is something he WON’T LIKE! Endless Demands: Ever notice how much you like planning everything out to the last second for your guy as the relationship grows? Believe me, he notices and doesn’t enjoy checking off your “to do” list; take a breath and relax.

The Solution: 3 month rule: Men and women both need to always treat each other the same way they did the first 3 months they started to see each other. Simply The Best: Always give each other the best you have in the way you look, act and especially treat each other.

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