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Submitted On 2007-09-25

Loving Miracles has been read and loved by thousands of readers since we began in 1999. Our newsletter is dedicated to providing new hope and healing to help you gain freedom from stress, binge eating, emotional pain, low self-esteem, and depression. Every issue delivers inspiration, tips, and tools offered in bite-size, easy to digest pieces. Thatís exactly the type of ongoing support you need to truly turn your dreams into reality.

"I had to take a moment to let you know how much your newsletter means to me. I have taken not only the quotes, (which I have taped on my closet so I see them each time I open the door), but also portions or whole articles and posted them on my bathroom mirror, inside my journal, so many places. Your articles are an inspiration to me as I am sure they are to so many others. I have passed on your name to not only my psychologist and psychiatrist but also my Yahoo ED group so that they could also benefit from your wisdom.

Thank you, for taking my low moments, low points, and giving me a reference to pull myself back up again." Debi W.

Connect with your inner wisdom as you explore compassionate ways of healing food or weight challenges, body hatred, depression, or self-esteem issues.

Target Audience: women and men who wish to gain freedom from binge or compulsive eating, emotional pain, depression,

Tags: depression,bulimia,weight loss motivation,personal growth self esteem,highest potential,happiness

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Testimonial for Loving Miracles Newsletter

"In reading your article, it brought me to a place of healing. It gave me a deeper understanding of a situation that was upfront and personal. For that I am forever grateful. I thank you for giving me the insight that was necessary.

As a psychotherapist and personal/professional coach, I can step back and be objective for my clients. However, this time the situation was more than a challenge for me. Through reading your article, I was so touched that the shift in my thinking was incredible. Thank you ever so much!"

R. M.

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