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MYTHOLOG is a paying market that operates not-for-profit. It is a quarterly collection of stories and poems, essays and reviews, writers and editors, illustrations and artists, that find myth in places odd and ordinary.

We aren't hardwired to genre or media. We'll publish things that fall between the cracks and perhaps stick their claws up to horrify or tantalize us, literature on the mythskirts of a genre. We're interested in anything that is part of the modern mythos or part of the construction of myth, from the ancient and traditional to contemporary culture, whether it be dark, bright, erotic, mysterious, adventurous, dystopian, folkloric, or fantastic. We're interested in storytelling and theme. The thread of continuity for us is mythic development.

Target Audience: Literary Readers

Tags: fiction,poetry,essay,flash,graphic,myth,theme,universal,plot

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Testimonial for MYTHOLOG

From: Brian A. Hopkins Date: December 8, 2002

Dear Mythmeisters,

It's always a pleasure to see a new forum that's as well thought out, splendidly presented, and chock full of great material as MYTHOLOG.

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