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Devoted to helping readers develop the attitudes and skill-sets required to excel as independent self directed investors.

Target Audience: Those individuals who recognize the necessity of managing their own finances.

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"Hello Mr.Confident Trader, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your newsletters. In fact, I feel spoiled now as I always look for your newsletter to arrive in my inbox and you never a miss a beat. Every other Friday, I know that I will get your newsletter early morning and I usually print it out for my train ride to work. I am just amazed by the fact that you share so much in your newsletters and I for sure have benefited tremendously from them and now feel confident about making sound investments. I was always interested in learning about micro-cap stocks and the market in general but I just did not know where to begin. Your newsletters are so useful and are written in a way that even a beginner like me can understand and make sense of it. Even your site is so full of quality information and I can't believe you are sharing all that juicy stuff for free. I not only like the way you talk about specific stocks using charts but also how current your information is. Just the other day I had heard about IndyMac Bancorp failure and within few days I got your most recent newsletter addressing the same thing that was on my mind and how it could affect our investments. Wow, it was like you read my mind! I usually share your newsletters with my like-minded colleagues at work and some of them have also subscribed to your newsletter after reading what I shared with them. Hopefully all of us will soon be able to mimic the returns that you continue to enjoy with the stocks in your portfolio. Keep up the good work and keep those newsletters coming... I really enjoy reading them." - Kahn, New York

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