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Submitted On 2006-07-02

Informative Articles, Tips & Suggestions on running your Online Business.

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Testimonial for Marketer's Daily

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say yours is one of the few really useful newsletters among the (it seems) hundreds that fill my e-mail every day. Most, frankly, get the digital roundfile treatment because they rarely provide any really useful information, existing instead almost entirely as a platform for the sender's sales pitches.

Even sadder, about half of them are form letters; I know because I get two or three copies of the same "exclusive" material from different senders.

I have not found that to be true with either your newsletter or your website. Ironically, part of the value you have added comes from simple things that cost you nothing but benefit us greatly (the lists of new JVs and giveaways and product launches, for example). Why all those othes are too lazy or clueless to do something similar is beyond me (but, if you don't mind, I will steal the concept for my own newsletter when it launches in a couple of weeks).

Didn't mean to run on, but good work deserves to be recognized, if only in an e-mail.

Please keep it up,

J.R. Wilson

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