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Submitted On 2009-08-24

Helps small and mid-sized businesses attract and keep more customers. Focuses on off-line marketing methods.

Target Audience: small and mid-sized businesses

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"In my speaking career, I've met many speakers who have acquired their expertise by studying other experts in their fields, but I've met only a few who actually have spent a lifetime and millions of dollars to test every idea, concept, and strategy they shared with their audiences. Ken Varga is one of those rare individuals. Not only has he acquired a vast ocean of knowledge and experience by being involved in 32 different successful businesses, he has the ability to convey his cutting-edge ideas and strategies to his audiences in an easy to understand manner. Every attendee will leave his workshop or seminar with at least a dozen tested-and-proven ideas to take their businesses to the next higher level of success."

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of #1 New York Times

best-selling series "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

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