Martial Arts Mastery
Submitted On 2006-01-03

One of the longest--running martial arts ezines on the Net. Delivered to your email box weekly. Practical martial arts articles -- for any style. Articles by Keith Pascal, full-time martial-arts writer.

Target Audience: martial artists, jkd practitioners, seekers of practical self defense

Tags: martial arts, self defense, Bruce Lee, jkd, practical martial discussions

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Ezine Owner: Keith Pascal

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Testimonial for Martial Arts Mastery

Keith Pascal's 'Martial Arts Mastery' is a

virtual library of useful information. This e-zine contains

valuable tips, tricks, and training advice throughout the

always thought-provoking content.

Keith Pascal

writes in a distinctive, insightful, direct style that gets

to the 'meat' very quickly without much


Readers are always treated to his

proven analysis on techniques offered within the e-zine.

Then, he makes us think -- an altogether underdeveloped

Martial skill.

The format is plain and simple --

WYSIWYG. The information is Timely, Informative, Efficient,

Effective. Keith Pascal's 'Martial Arts Mastery'

sets the standard for a Martial Arts

E-zine. --

M Grube: Consultant, Martial Thinker (Hawaii)

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