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Submitted On 2009-02-05

A newsletter which keeps readers informed about math education in America and publishes regular math problems to challenge and exercise the brain.

Target Audience: Teachers, educators, and students of mathematics

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Testimonial for Mathbyjoe Newsletter

I am a family counselor in Marble Falls, Texas. Over the years I have noticed a significant amount of children coming into my office with personal issues that overflows into the school arena. Many children in counseling are struggling academically. We have opened a tutoring center along side our counseling center. The marriage between the two has been phenomenal. Having been out of school for a few years I was looking for material to brush up on my algebra and luckily I found I purchased the Wiz Kid Algebracadabra Series Parts I-III and have found it easy to understand and teachable to the children coming to our center for help.

- Christi Lundby M.A., LPCI

Family, Child, and Group Counseling

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