Mentor Marketing Minute!
Submitted On 2006-10-13

You will get practical quick read and usable marketing advice each week that will increase your sales and bring more organization and consistency to your marketing efforts.

Wherever I go, someone is always thanking me for this publication because it helps them the same way it will help you. With new content, fabulous ideas, and step-by-step instructions to implement better marketing tactics in your business, this e-zine is a must have for your company.

Rather than share my vacation pictures or talk to you about something totally unrelated to our task at hand (that is, marketing and your sales!), you will find

• No-nonsense guidance that will freshen bland tactics
• Handy quick-tips to implement right away
• Realistic steps for bringing consistency to your improved marketing results

All packaged in a quick read format . . .

The Mentor Marketing Minute! e-zine and . . .For members of the Mentor Marketing Club! you get an added bonus the print version of Mentor Marketing Minute! More information, more help, more results and sales for you.

Target Audience: Small Business

Tags: marketing,small business,marketing tips,marketing ideas,marketing plans

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