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Submitted On 2008-08-11

This is a great place and a convenient way for me to share with friends my favorite movie clips, funny pictures, interesting stuff, funny files and anything else that may intrigue me. Please be advised, I tend to have a weird sense of humor, so I've been told. lol

You will only receive email from me, 0 - 20 mails posted on any given day. However, if you have something you'd like to share and worthy of posting, email it to me and I will pass it along to the group.

I simply choose the very best from various sources and the content that I think, is worth passing along. I make No claim to the material I choose to post, unless otherwise stated. Life can be stressful and this is my way, of lightening and brightening up our days. All in the name of Fun!

Target Audience: 18 plus

Tags: humor, misc., weird, bizzare, movie clips, jokes, cartoons, links

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