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Submitted On 2008-11-20

Become a part of the fastest growing market for your photography – Microstock Photography!

The magic of Microstock Photography. Almost any subject will sell if it’s different and the quality is O.K. The main subjects that sell will vary from one library to another so submit to them all. The secret is to make a start and submit some of you photographs providing they meet the specified guidelines.

To prove my point, I’ve put the top six selling images on my website so you can take a look and see for yourself. And I guarantee that you’ll end up saying – I could do that or I have one of those. I also publish a Monthly Market Newsletter and you can get a link to a Free ‘Microstock Market Report’ from my website. Take a look and become a part of the fastest growing market for your photography – Microstock Photography

Newsletter emailed on a monthly basis analysing the market for Microstock Photography. Regular bulletins and updated are mailed on a twice weekly basis.

Target Audience: Freelance & Part-time Photographers

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Testimonial for Microstock Photography Market Newsletter

Hey Gordon. thanks for email, have been rejected many times in the past so I think my skin is thick enough to keep sending the pics in until I get accepted. I have to wait 30 days before I submit next lot so am out there trying to work out what it is I am doing. The main thing is to keep it fun for myself and this will ensure one day I get the ok for the pictures i send

best wishes

A in Australia

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