Monday Morning Manners
Submitted On 2008-09-27

Interact with ease, savvy and graicousness! Monday Morning Manners shares tips and tools for knowing what to say and what to do in all your encounters.

Whether Monday Mornings find you at home or in your office, you'll love these impacting and image enhancing tips for you and your family. Maralee McKee has taken our mom's etiquette and updated it to meet the needs and sensibilities of our fast paced, casual, techno-savvy generation.

Shared in the friend-to-friend style that is making Maralee McKee America's manners go-to gal, you'll look forward to spending a few minutes with Maralee each Monday Morning!

Target Audience: women ages 25-65

Tags: manners, etiquette, protocol, dining, business skills, entertaining, parties, children, moms

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