Motivation Today
Submitted On 2006-07-16

The ezine aims to provide weekly motivation for its readers. The motivation could take the form of a recent article by John Watson or a revised article. There is usually some reference to recent events like Wimbledon or The World Football cup or anything else of interest.

Some times the motivation comes from extracts from motivational books like 'The Midas Method' by Stuart Goldsmith and 'The 36 Laws' by John Watson.

Some issues have dealt with questions raised by readers. There is really no limit on the content so long as it provides inspiration, motivation and solutions to common problems like lack of energy and direction.

Target Audience: Self help enthusiasts and anyone who feels the need for inspiration and motivation in their lives.

Tags: motivation,inspiration,enthusiasm,belief,confidence,hope,achievement, success,goals,solutions

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Testimonial for Motivation Today

Dear Watson,

Thanks for given me the best. I desire now to be sucessful in life.I raelly appreciate. Thank you once again.You have eliminate the fear of facing the world after my Msc. Programme. I currently studying at the University of Salford,Human Resource Management to be specific.Hesitate not to teach how to make money to better my world and those of my people back home (AFRICA)

Thanks and God bless you really good

Your student


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