My Significant Self
Submitted On 2009-03-27

My Significant Self is a bi-monthly ezine that helps moms who feel frazzled and confused become calm and confident. It offers mothers with young children new approaches to coping with the top challenges of motherhood. Moms learn strategies that are based on their own and their children's needs and desires. These strategies enable moms to deal successfully with challenging issues, such as: getting their baby to sleep, strengthening their post-baby marriage, finding trustworthy childcare, creating alone-time, going back to work, letting go of anxiety, guilt and doubt, work-life ‘balance’, new mom identity and more.

Target Audience: Mothers with children under the age of 4

Tags: new mom help, new mom support, tips for new moms

Ezine Subscription Info: Free bi-monthly ezine.

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Ezine Owner: Claudia Heilbrunn

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