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Submitted On 2009-03-13

Heal thyself! Naturally Good Magazine is the do-it-yourself guide to maintaining health, preventing disease, nutrition, detoxification, and curing disease naturally with God's medicines. It is revolutionary. Throughout our pages, we provide you with the well-researched truth about health care, in order to help you to help yourself. No other magazine so candidly writes about managing your health and treating diseases, because they are afraid of retribution, or they are too invested with their sponsors. We are not afraid, and we have no integrity compromising entanglements. This is a better kind of magazine made by better people. We have been advised by people from lesser print publications to copy them. We don't think so. We have even been told that perhaps we could partner with their lucrative enterprises if we pledged to become "team players". Instead, we'll cover real health news, and let them continue with stories about aromatherapy.

Target Audience: adults and young adults

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