No More Rabbit Food
Submitted On 2008-12-04

Deal with emotional eating once and for all; get rid of food compulsions; and find freedom around food when you get control of overeating with the Conquer Emotional Eating Forever 5-lesson mini course. Plus you will also get a complimentary subscription to the twice-monthly ezine, No More Rabbit Food, weight loss tips for people who love food.

Target Audience: Emotional eaters, overeaters, compulsive eaters

Tags: compulsive,eater,eaters,eating,over,eating,overeater,overeaters,overeating,eat,too,much,overeater,em

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Testimonial for No More Rabbit Food

Also I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love your newsletter and I look forward to reading it, whenever I see it in my inbox. What I love the most is your sense of humor (or humour, more properly), and the slyly witty way in which you write about your topic. It is completely delightful. Thank you.

Janet Shepherd, Ph.D. Joyful Life Design

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