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Submitted On 2010-02-16

Non 12 Step News is a weekly newsletter for those interested in alternative alcohol abuse treatment, their friends and families, and professionals within the field. It is also a resource for educators and researchers as well as practitioners around the world.

Target Audience: Alcoholics, alcohol abusers, families, friends, counselors, therapists, and students

Tags: AA alternatives, non 12 step, alcohol abuse, alcohol treatment, rehab, outpatient treatment

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I really enjoy reading your Non 12 Step News. Thank you for sending them to me. My family has its share of alcoholics. Your point of view helps me understand. What I appreciate is that "your" alcoholic has strength, they begin at a position of power whereas "their" alcoholic starts from a position of powerlessness and weakness. This is a very different perspective. It's almost like a parent that keeps telling a child they can't do something, they couldn't possibly do it, how could they even think they could do it and then expect the child to do just the thing they've been saying they couldn't do all along.

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