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Submitted On 2009-06-19

This monthly newsletter offers selfcare solutions for natural health and healing.

Ayurveda is the oldest and longest continuously practiced medical system in the world. Subscribe to receive tips that can help you achieve vibrant health, balance, energy, and vitality.

Illness doesn't just happen, it is the result of conditions that can be improved, corrected, or avoided all together.

Includes: essential oils tips, recipes of the month, health videos and help you achieve Natural Health and balance with Ayurveda.

Target Audience: Natural Health and Healing, Complementary and Alternative Healing

Tags: Ayurveda, Natural Health, Self Care Solutions, Natural Healing, Chronic Pain Relief

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Testimonial for Nourish Natural Health News

Martha, this is terrific! It is clear, precise, simple and informative. It is full of tips and information for everyone and anyone looking to add the “alternative therapy piece” to their current treatment plan.

It teaches the reader how to start taking control and be an active participant in their own healing process.

Personally I have found that adding the peppermint oil to my water, along with a good probiotic has significantly calmed and cooled the “fire” I so often experience in my “gut”. I have also notice less discomfort in my liver when I also remember to include lemon at least once a day to one of my glasses of water. I am gradually implementing some of the other advise (abhyanga & incorporating exercise) and …..yes, I’m starting to feel better!!

Thanks for sharing this sage, simple advice & information. I will now start sharing it with my clients.

Suzanne Brisson - CHTP Certified Healing Touch Practitioner Missisauga, ON

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