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Submitted On 2007-02-03

What is opera? This site is devoted to exploring history of opera, current events in opera, and what it takes to become an opera singer. The site is designed for everyone from the first time operagoer, to the professional singer and everyone in-between.

We will discuss the great singers, conductors, directors, and composers, performances, and recordings of the past and present. We will also discuss the art of classical singing by looking at the study of opera, vocal techniques, repertoire, auditions, and more.

In my blog, Ask the Tenor, I hope to open the world of the art form to you, by giving you, the reader, the opportunity to pick my brain on the art of classical singing.

Target Audience: Opera lovers, opera singers, classical music fans

Tags: opera, opera singer, opera music, classical singing, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, opera aria

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