Our Lady of Weight Loss's KICK in the TUSH Club
Submitted On 2006-05-12

Our Lady of Weight Loss is dedicated to those who are drawn to The Art of Weight Loss. Our Lady encourages all to lighten up in every way. Have fun, laugh at yourself, enjoy a healthful lifestyle, and redirect those 'feeding' energies into something creative and more fulfilling than any bowl of ice cream could ever be.

Janice Taylor, Founder of Our Lady of Weight Loss, shares her insights, art, Righteous Recipes, Pious Projects and Motivational Musings in her free weekly newsletter, KICK in the TUSH Club!

Janice is a professional weight-loss coach and America’s premiere weight loss artist. In fact, she invented the profession. A weight loss artist is someone who makes art about food instead of eating it and loses weight in the process. Janice exchanged 50 pounds of excess weight for 50 pieces of art, connected to her "inner-thinner core," and forever changed her relationship to food. She has been featured in Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, WebMD, and Good Morning America. She is the author of Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal (Viking Studio).

Target Audience: Women of all ages; anyone interested in weight loss light, fun, happiness and gratitude.

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Testimonial for Our Lady of Weight Loss's KICK in the TUSH Club

OLofWL, I read about you in this month's Family Circle, but it was the visit to your website and viewing the products you had for sale that really cracked my cosmic egg. I resonated with your story, but looking at that 2-layer slice of devil's food cake, the stack of waffles and biscuits covered with honey, I found myself wanting to run for the hills.

Over the course of the weekend, I couldn't shake the visceral response I had to all the pictures of food on your site. Your artwork wasn't just a distraction from food -- it embraced food. You had stared down "the enemy" and learned how to befriend and play with it. That led to a profound awakening. The short version: "I can run, but I can't hide." LOL!

Intellectually, I know food is just food -- but over the decades, I've given it so much power and energy. Over-thinking and over-analyzing just digs deeper ruts. Fiddling with, playing and remembering how to have fun with food -- and life -- are clearly key pieces to this puzzle.

Rejoicing! This is going to be a wonderful adventure ... and the "art" piece feels like breadcrumbs out of what has been a 40-year jungle of dieting, fear of regaining, binging and purging. At 52, I now find myself in this emerging class of older women with eating disorders. Whooohoo. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm ready to matriculate. When the student is ready, teachers appear. ~Jody, just outside of Richmond, VA.

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